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Home Educational Information

National Homeschool Association
Homeschooling Information and Homeschooling Resource Pages
Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap
National Home Education Research Institute - Homeschool information
Family EducationNetwork - Home Page

General education information links

The Global School House
Ask Eric - Education Information
National Library of Education
Web66: A K12 World Wide Web Project

Space sciences information links

Mars Orbiter Home Page - Updates about the orbiter and images from Mars orbit.
Liftoff - Keep up with the Space Shuttle and other space news
Project Galileo Home Page - Keep up with the latest from Jupiter
The Cassini mission to Saturn - Currently on the way to Saturn
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Neat site for those who like Astronomy
Hubbel Space Telescope (HST) - Fantastic collection of pictures
SSECenter - Close to real-time data about the environment
SEDS - Unbelievable collection of solar system information and pictures

History information links

Internet Medievial Sourcebook - Outstanding source of historical material
The History Net - On-line History Sources

Math links

MegaMathmetics - Hischool And Above Tutoral Files
The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math

On-Line texts reference files and library links

Electronic Library from the University of Waterloo
Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
The Internet Public Library - This has an amazing ammount of on-line texts.
Government Documents and Information at Yale University
Library of Congress - The ultimate general reference source.
The On-line Books Page - An index of thousands of on-line books
Virtual Reference Desk - Quick access to many on-line reference sources

General science links

The Why Files - Great Science Information.
The science club - Easy experiments for kids and science fair projects
Media Angels - Science Series created by and for homeschool moms
PBS Home page - For more info on most of the programs

General science publications

Science Online
Scientific American - Monthly science magazine
National Geographic Society Home Page

Unsorted links

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - Outstanding resource for homework helps
Gordon's Entomological Home Page
WebElements - A periodic table on the World-Wide Web
UC Museum of Paleontology
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit - Dissect A Frog!
Dinosauria On-Line - Great Resource For Dinosaur Info
Music Link - Online Music Library
Natural Perspective - Beautiful nature information site
USA Today Classline - Great source of class room materials

Living Waters Pages