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Crystal Tears

Crystal tears falls from His eyes,
When He looks upon the earth.
For what He sees breaks His heart,
We live in abject dearth.

He died on the cross so all could see,
The glories He created for you and me,
But if we do not believe He died for us,
Then He cries, and cries for us.

The crystal tears roll down His cheeks,
They drop on Heaven's floor,
He died and rose again for us,
He is the one and only door.

Into the presence of the Father,
The ruler of all, on High.
It is the name of Jesus alone,
That gets us to Him nigh.

Oh, friend, Please look to Jesus,
He died upon the cross,
And rose again the third day
So we would not be lost.

When we believe in Jesus
As the risen Son of the Living God,
Our future is sealed in heaven,
And the golden streets we shall trod.

The crystal tears flow down His cheeks
Because of His great, magnificient Love.
He wants us all to live with Him
In heaven he created above.

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