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If there is one ingredient
which adds warmth and love
to our lives...
it is Friendship.
If there is one relationship to
help us through all the others...
it is Friendship.
Friends surround us with
the beauty of their caring.
With friends we can share
what we see, what we feel
and what we love.
Friends help us with our problems
because they listen.
And as they listen
we begin to hear the language of
our own hearts.
With friends we can
walk along the remembered
paths of our lives and
completely share our experiences.
With friends we can work
the soil of forgotten dreams
that needed to be tended and
nurtured once again.
With friends we can
plant the seed
of our hearts
new dreams.
We can always return to a friend
like going back to a special place...
and find the same warm feeling
unchanged by time or distance.
Life gives us friends
so we can share the precious times
and memorable moments of
being children, and teenagers,
and adults, and parents,
and grandparents.
Life gives us friends
so we can share
the growing up...
and growing down
and old.
With friends we have a place to go
to be accepted and understood.
Together we can laugh.
Together we can cry.
Our thoughts are heard,
our feelings are held
in the heart of a friend.
With friends our lives are made
more full, more rich, more open,
beautiful and blessed !

Friendship Prayer

I said a Prayer of Thanks for "You"
to the good Lord up above,
to Thank Him for the Blessing
of your Kindness and your Love.
I Thanked God for your caring,
for the Happiness "You" give,
for how "You" make the world
a greater place to live..
I Thanked Him for the special joy
that makes your spirit glow,
and how " You" spread a ray of Sunshine
every where "You" go..
Finally, I prayed to God,
that all the Good "You" do..
the way "You" care, the Love "You" Share..
would all be returned to "You"!!

This page is dedicated to three special friends, Mr-Chips, Sharon and Becky. True Friends are hard to come by, and are few. I thank God that He has given me friends like you. Thankyou for being a friend.

To My Friends

Of all the people in my life,
From beginning to the end.
You’ve Been a special blessing,
My dear friend and faithful friend.
You’ve filled my life with laughter,
Shared sorrows, joys and tears.
You’ve stood by me & held my hand,
Walked with me through the years.
When I needed someone to listen,
I knew you would always be there.
When I weathered the storms of life,
You were always the one who cared.
So in the circle we call life,
From beginning to the end.
I was blessed to have you beside me,
My dear and faithful friend.
author Allison Chambers Coxsey

A Friend Is

A friend is one of the nicest things
you can have, and one of the best thingsyou can be.
A friend is a living treasure, and if you have one,
you have one of the most valuable gifts in life.
A friend is the one who will always be beside you,
through all the laughter, and through each and every tear.
A friend is the one thing you can always rely on;
the someone you can always open up to;
the one wonderful person who always believes in you
in a way that no ones else seems to.
A friend is a sanctuary. A friend is a smile.
A friend is a hand that is always holding yours,
no matter where you are, no matter how close
or far apart you may be.
A friend is someone who is always there
and will always - always - care.
A friend is a feeling of forever in the heart.
A friend is the one door that is always open.
A friend is the one to whom you can give your key.
A friend is one of the nicest things you can have,
and one of the best things you can be.

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